"The only thing better than unveiling a new smile is getting to see it years later. the older I get, the longer my list of patients and friends gets." -dr.kunihiro

Community Programs:

Esthetic Clear Braces

Kids/Teens/Adult Braces


Invisible Lingual Braces

Napa Valley Orthodontics is a long time supporter of local youth programs donating custom mouthguards to all sports teams. 

Call today to set up an appointment for your teams mouthguards! 

To give back to our local schools participate in our 100 for 1 program.

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Dr.Kunihiro & Our Team

Orthodontics is our passion!  We know how important it is have a beautiful smile in order to live your best life.  Our practice was originally founded in 1996 by Dr. Steven Kunihiro making him the longest active tenured Orthodontist in the Napa Valley.  Since that time Dr. Kunihiro and his first class team have been proudly delivering smiles to our community...




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Dr. Steven Kunihiro